Articles, Papers by or about Alliance members

Passing on Know-How. Jean Thilmany. HR Magazine, June 2008

Knowledge Harvesting During the Big Crew Change. Larry Wilson and Jeff Stemke. Chapter from Knowledge Retention: Strategies and Solutions by Jay Liebowitz, 2008.

Knowledge-Based Exit Interview - Part 1. Pam Holloway. Workforce Magazine

Knowledge-Based Exit Interview - Part II. Pam Holloway. Workforce Magazine

The Neglected Receiver of Knowledge Sharing, Nancy Dixon. Ivy Business Journal, March/April 2002. 

How to Use Mentoring for Knowledge Capture. Pam Holloway

How to Create a Knowledge Sharing Culture. Pam Holloway. Knowledge Management Magazine. 2000.

How to Protect Knowledge from Walking out the Door. Pam Holloway. Workforce Magazine 2000. 

Other Articles, Studies and Surveys

Stemming the Brain Drain By David W. De Long and Thomas O. Man. Accenture Outlook Journal, January 2003

Organizational Knowledge Retention: Building and Securing an Organizational Brain Trust in an Age of Brain Drain.

Nuclear Reaction - Staffing the Nuclear Renaissance

Oil & Gas Talent Shortage

The Costs of Lost Knowledge: Facts and Figures

Organizations, Academics & Conferences

Knowledge Capture/Transfer/Management Organizations


Inside Knowledge Magazine

Linked In Groups

Knowledge Management Experts
Allows Knowledge Management experts to share best practices around the globe.

Knowledge Management for Legal Professionals
2,100+ members strong, Knowledge Management for Legal Professionals is a group for all those involved in KM in law firms, law departments, or in the legal industry. Please email me and let me know your legal KM involvement.

KM Edge
Designed to enable further collaboration, networking, and knowledge sharing for site readers, participants, and owners, as well as all knowledge management practitioners.

CKO (Chief Knowledge Officers) Forum
Today's CKO is a people developer & value creator for the business, leveraging Intellectual Capital, Reusable Content Creation & Knowledge Management frameworks, Virtual Collaboration, Swarm Intelligence/ Behaviours & Social Netwoks Analysis (SNA) tools. You are invited to join this group.

Knowledge Management
This is a group for all people interested in knowledge management.

The Braintrust: Knowledge Management Group
This group focuses on the people-side of knowledge management and how communities of practice, social network analysis, and specific technologies can be used to create a trusting knowledge management environment to increase product development, innovation, and measurable retention.

KM Practitioners Group
Since March 2000 the Knowledge management Practitioners Group has assisted Knowledge Managers through the sharing of case studies and experiences.

Knowledge Management Consultants
Today’s business environment is characterized by continuous, volatile climate that demands a new attitude & approach within organizations-actions must be adaptive, and based on a faster cycle of knowledge creation. KM defines-exploits human know-how to bring maximum return in an organization.

Knowledge Management Experts in the Oil & Gas Industry
The group for Knowledge Management professionals and practitioners in the Oil and Gas industry and all with an interest in the discipline and sector.

The Institute for Knowledge and Innovation
The Institute for Knowledge and Innovation (IKI) is a global organization for the knowledge management scholar and practitioner. IKI has attracted many prominent individuals and organizations and is dedicated to the advancement of Knowledge Management as an academic discipline.