About Us

KnowledgeCATS is a team of veteran knowledge capture and transfer experts with experience across many different industries, geographies and domains.

KnowledgeCATS founder and principal, Pam Holloway is a 16-year veteran of knowledge capture and knowledge transfer processes. She served as Knowledge Manager for Mobil R&D in the 1990s. In her role as Knowledge Manager, Pam worked with organizations in Europe, Asia and North America to capture and leverage critical knowledge; set up and manage Communities of Practice; and select/leverage Knowledge Management technology.

In 2000, Pam joined Larry Wilson and Knowledge Harvesting, Inc. In this capacity Pam:

  • Works with organizations to identify and prioritize critical knowledge

  • Works one-on-one with subject matter experts to elicit (via interview) critical knowledge

  • Organizes and models knowledge and provides counsel on how best to integrate knowledge into work instruction, training, and communities of practice

  • Trains and mentors apprentice “harvestors.”

Pam is a published author, speaker and recognized expert in the capture and transfer of tacit knowledge. Her expertise also includes helping organizations identify and prioritize critical knowledge and deal with the cultural and behavioral issues associated with knowledge transfer.

Pam has an M.S. in Natural Health and Psychology, with continuing post-graduate work in Organizational Behavior, Neuroscience and Psychology.  She is the author of three books, and numerous articles and white papers. She is currently at work on her fourth book, Knowledge Harvesting, co-written with Knowledge Harvesting founder Larry Wilson.  

Partners & Alliances

Knowledge Harvesting

Knowledge Harvesting is a rigorous, results-driven process for capturing and transferring vital scientific, engineering, technical and business insights and complex cognitive processes.

Perigean Technologies

Perigean Technologies specializes in capturing, portraying, sharing and repurposing knowledge.  Perigean are recognized world leaders in the application of Concept Mapping, Knowledge Modeling and Cognitive Task Analysis.

Institute for Human & Machine Cognition (IHMC)

The Institute for Human & Machine Cognition (IHMC) is one of the nation’s leading research institutes with scientists and engineers investigating a broad range of topics related to understanding cognition in both humans and machines, with a particular emphasis on building useful technological systems to leverage and extend human cognitive, physical, and perceptual capacities. Current active research areas include: knowledge modeling and sharing, adjustable autonomy, robotics, advanced interfaces and displays, communication and collaboration, computer-mediated learning systems, intelligent data understanding, software agents, biologically-inspired network security, expertise studies, work practice simulation, knowledge representation, and other related areas.

Align Consulting

AlignConsulting helps organizations channel insight into action. Putting conversation back into the center of strategy and knowledge-transfer, we work closely with our clients to harness untapped knowledge to solve business problems. Whether your organization is experiencing a merger integration, seeking strategies to accelerate innovation, or even looking for a way to make social media initiatives more productive, AlignConsulting can help.

The K-CAts Team